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All I wanna do today

is buy a bunch of shit that I don’t need. I have my eye on a few things - a mini wine fridge, several cookbooks, a few dresses, and, you know, maybe some new head shots - and no job to support any sort of spending habit. Any and all money goes to the essentials, like food. And wine.

I have some clothes I can sell, but the last time I went to Buffalo Exchange I got fucked. The buyers there always look at my with judgey eyes. Damn straight, you skinny, brow-pierced hipster, I own shirts from Target. If I could afford fancier things, do you think I’d be here? I’ll take my measly $6.50 and leave, fuck you very much.

I suppose resale will have to wait for another day, I’m obviously not in the right mindset. Looks like I’ve got a date with a sexy, sexy couch.



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